FW171 Game of Tones

Welcome to Fwonk*! To celebrate Netlabel Day we bring you the cream of the crop – a sampler of the very best Fwonkage from the last 12 months, and a couple of yet-to-be-released treats.


Insane, damaged, schizophrenic. Cardigan of Wasps takes a turn for even darker waters in the filthy noise-industrial mechanical monstrosity Goreshit Roadkill. The five unconventional remixes on this EP hack the original song to pieces, reassembling its remaining flesh and bones into beautiful depictions of ugliness.


hxw hxw’s experimental, conceptual debut LP was created only using audio samples gleaned from entertainment media such as film, television, and video games. Appropriating the mythological Narcissus as a metaphor for the vanity of contemporary society, it challenges the onanistic practices of art itself.

FW168 poppy nogood

Lilting and haunting, as fragile as glass, as deep as the ocean. The second EP from poppy nogood is filled with introspective ambient drones and melodies crafted from violin, guitar and voice.


high dart went part way back to the roots and part way to space. The sound of 809 is spacey-rough,
trippy and sometimes there’s a little glint of well-camouflaged cheesiness. and guitars!


high dart comes up with some electrodynamic cheeso-psychotic wave pop.
money is the entrance gate to the doped up with valium LP called 809.

FW165 3dtorus

3dtorus says “this is a reflection on my initiation on techno, in 1996 in Berlin. I remember, back then this was something completely new, an industrial soul sound, machines singing, funky, dirty and futuristic.”


Industrial/electronic supergroup Cardigan of Wasps arrives with debut maxi-single Rose Red, featuring a stinging new song along with an experimental remix from every member of the band, each of which twists the title track in an entirely new direction.

FW163 Poppy Nogood

poppy nogood produced these four ambient tracks using voice, guitar, bass, drums and violin, recorded through a laptop and Ableton Live. The heavy reverb removes the artist from the sound and is intended to inspire the listener to actively listen.


‘Yhnpivtr’ is a short EP in which Diropel continues to explore environmental atmospheres, including sounds less affected by Paulstretch effects. These three soundscapes have dark and psychedelic textures that immerse the listener in worlds of deep relaxation.


After years of silently releasing material without so much as a whisper, the mysterious hxw hxw (romanised from the Ancient Greek, meaning ‘echo echo’) brings us its first single ‘a body of water is a kind of mirror, i suppose’. These two songs have been remixed specifically for this release using elements taken from the upcoming album ‘narcissus stripped bare by his own eyes, even’.


Towards the top right hand corner of the cover lays a bright yellow star larger than ours. Around that star orbits 14 planets that, like in our own system, vary considerably. Many of these planets surfaces are unreachable, and may or may not contain life. However, one, just like Earth, is situated perfectly in a Goldilocks Zone. Therefore, a craft was able to approach and descend upon the planet and pick up recordings, images, and samples for further research.

Here is a small glimpse of the mysterious, unnamed planet coded as Del01229.