FW157 DR

This is ambient music as pure minimalist, smooth drones, and it sounds gorgeous. DR weaves together warm textures to create perfect headphone music for creating your own personal cocoon, sheltered from the noise of the world.

FW156 3dtorus

3dtorus returns with an album written with a heavy flu, in a strange state of mind, in a land somewhere between codeine and aspirin, dream and wake, weak and weird.

albums of the year

Aphex Twin / Syro Aphex Twin’s long overdue return for the wilderness (ok… he did the Analord series and Tuss) is a perfect summation of his career to date. He didn’t reinvent electronica (again), but did he really need to? The weight of expectation made this album seem almost an anti-climax, but it was Aphex’s […]

FW155 Heskin Radiophonic

Heskin Radiophonic radiantly beams in two variations on a classic Christmas carol, for your festive enjoyment. One is loud. One isn’t.

FW154 echosonic

After some time contributing to the Fwonk* compilations and being one half of Venona Pers, echosonic has stirred from his torpor to create a winter-inspired single-track EP

Cuckoo Spit - Daisy Chain

What’s Christmas without a Christmas single? Cuckoo Spit and Katarrhaktes bring you a frosty, tongue-in-cheek ditty based on a seasonal classic along with a bonus remix. Why is Sister Susie sitting on a thistle? Take a listen and find out!


Record an original piece of music for the season. You are free to use whatever you wish to create your track.


Almark brings forth two new singles from early fall 2014. Oracle allows life to be heard with each beat and explodes into a mystery; thus allowing the Avant-Garde to flow into a different ‘dance-like’ music pool. While Feather chooses the more ‘serene’ yet haunting approach of nature and music.

Netaudio 59

Three more completely free netaudio releases scoured from the finest of the interwebs.


Create your own musical instrument and record a new piece of music featuring and showcasing it. You may manipulate the recording, but at some point the original source of audio must be present in the mix.


It’s Halloween, it’s Halloween, it’s Halloween! The trick or treaters of America have formed a band! Trick or treat, dance to the beat, trick or treat, dance to the beat!


Three more outstanding releases from the world of creative commons netaudio. This week we feature some old skool hip and trip hop, some ambient field recordings and a glitch hop compilation.