[FW150] FWONK*150 by Various Artists Every milestone is just as important as the last, no mountain is too high to climb. For this, our 150th release on the label, we present to you a new compilation featuring 12 exclusive new songs and mixes from our artists, including 3dtorus, Antti Tammimaa, echosonic, Heskin Radiophonic, hxw hxw, […]


With Apple hacking everybody’s account and leaving a turd of a U2 album in your iTunes, we thought we’d recommend some free music that is good, and that you can download out of your own choice


Download three poorly reviewed VST instruments (average two-star rating) and write a track only using them. You may however use any effects you like.


With sweaty palms and a lump in your throat, you knock on her door. She’s beautiful. The curtains are drawn and the scent of perfumed candles is heavy in the air. You prepare yourself for the most perfect romantic evening with the girl of your dreams.


We have, sir sidney rough diamond on beat duties, lofi earnie playing dominos and the fist of cheese throwing shapes in the corner. BOOM SHANKA!


Create a piece of music in which every instrument is played by something unintended to be used as such. For instance, a field recording might become the lead melody, or an ambient pad might become percussion. You can manipulate the sounds in any way you like.


3dtorus submerges his techno beats in the deepest fathoms, and Living Room Ambience is high quality minimal Berlin electronica relocated to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.


Yan arrives at the Fwonk table with a pair of huge big dance tracks: Super Pig is a noisey hard trance track with humongous long build ups and a duck‘n‘pump drop.


Berlin based electropop artist Lie Craze released her debut album ‘Never Played With The Cool Kids’ in 2009. This summer her second album is going to be put out eventually with the first single ‘GAS/GAD’ released on Fwonk*.


Stratosonics are back with another wholly unoriginal, noisy, and out of tune slab of balls to the wall rock and roll. Two songs of loud, raucous garage rock for you to insert into your ears. Enjoy!


Electronic music influenced by breaking news. 7.62×39 is AK47 size bullet. This song is about humanity self destruction ability…


Decide which of these classic analog waveforms interests you the most – saw, square, triangle or sine. Now, construct a 2-4 minute song using nothing but that waveform! Effects, filtering etc. are allowed to add extra harmonics to the music.