‘Yhnpivtr’ is a short EP in which Diropel continues to explore environmental atmospheres, including sounds less affected by Paulstretch effects. These three soundscapes have dark and psychedelic textures that immerse the listener in worlds of deep relaxation.


After years of silently releasing material without so much as a whisper, the mysterious hxw hxw (romanised from the Ancient Greek, meaning ‘echo echo’) brings us its first single ‘a body of water is a kind of mirror, i suppose’. These two songs have been remixed specifically for this release using elements taken from the upcoming album ‘narcissus stripped bare by his own eyes, even’.


Towards the top right hand corner of the cover lays a bright yellow star larger than ours. Around that star orbits 14 planets that, like in our own system, vary considerably. Many of these planets surfaces are unreachable, and may or may not contain life. However, one, just like Earth, is situated perfectly in a Goldilocks Zone. Therefore, a craft was able to approach and descend upon the planet and pick up recordings, images, and samples for further research.

Here is a small glimpse of the mysterious, unnamed planet coded as Del01229.

FW159 Phirnis/Katarrhaktes

Regular Fwonk* artists Phirnis and Katarrhaktes have colluded to devise this split LP. Resting somewhere between noise and ambience, Sleepers recalls the uncomfortable mode of comfort between the comatose and wakeful states. Fragments of sound play back like phantom memories, washing and repeating upon themselves as waves upon the shores of the mind.

FW158 Ohsaurus

Ohsaurus returns to Fwonk* with an album originally issued in March 2013 on the now defunct Noecho Records netlabel. PUng is full length album rooted in funky electronica and modern beats with jazz influence.

Netaudio 60

Three new releases mixing chiptunes, ambient soundscapes, and ersatz 1980s sci-fi soundtracks.

FW157 DR

This is ambient music as pure minimalist, smooth drones, and it sounds gorgeous. DR weaves together warm textures to create perfect headphone music for creating your own personal cocoon, sheltered from the noise of the world.

FW156 3dtorus

3dtorus returns with an album written with a heavy flu, in a strange state of mind, in a land somewhere between codeine and aspirin, dream and wake, weak and weird.

albums of the year

Aphex Twin / Syro Aphex Twin’s long overdue return for the wilderness (ok… he did the Analord series and Tuss) is a perfect summation of his career to date. He didn’t reinvent electronica (again), but did he really need to? The weight of expectation made this album seem almost an anti-climax, but it was Aphex’s […]

FW155 Heskin Radiophonic

Heskin Radiophonic radiantly beams in two variations on a classic Christmas carol, for your festive enjoyment. One is loud. One isn’t.

FW154 echosonic

After some time contributing to the Fwonk* compilations and being one half of Venona Pers, echosonic has stirred from his torpor to create a winter-inspired single-track EP

Cuckoo Spit - Daisy Chain

What’s Christmas without a Christmas single? Cuckoo Spit and Katarrhaktes bring you a frosty, tongue-in-cheek ditty based on a seasonal classic along with a bonus remix. Why is Sister Susie sitting on a thistle? Take a listen and find out!