193 / Whispers

Various Artists

Over 12 months, 12 Fwonk* artists created this experimental album based on the children’s ‘Telephone Game’. Each artist growing a new track from the seeds of the previous one.

FW193 Whispers

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FW193 Whispers

193 / Various Artists – Whispers

Over twelve months, twelve Fwonk* artists were put to the test in this experimental single-track album based on the popular children's 'Telephone Game'. In their chosen month, each artist used only t…
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190 / Various Artists – The Fwonk Mixtape #18: Last Minute Madness

Once again the denizens of Megacity Fwonk rise up and make a mess of things while Judge Heskin is out bringing the law to the Cursed Earth. ...otherwise known as the boss was away on hols so we got t…
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