Netlabel Music / 1

Here at Fwonk* we love Netlabel Music. Because it’s free, and everyone loves free. But also its music made away from the identikit industry machine, its made by artists who aren’t out to rob teenagers of their pocket money by producing focus-group orientated rubber-stamped auto-tuned dross, but genuinely care about music. So here’s three kickass discoveries we’ve made in the past week.

The 2000 – Lonely Night

Some kicking electro/fidget from the Italian Sostanze netlabel. This may only be two tracks long, but it’s two tracks of awesome pounding dancefloor goodness. A great way to kick off the weekend.

Ears – Sea Legs

Some wobbly, broken beats from Down Under. Maintaining a huge hip-hop groove throughout, these tracks manage to be twisty, glitchy and out there.

M.A.L.A. – Back In Black

Getting back onto the dancefloor – and everyone loves to be on the dancefloor on a Friday – comes this new EP from the Series Media netlabel, this is Colombian minimal house – less Teutonic, more Latin with plenty of groove.