[Tutorial Thursday] Learn to Live Vol 3 Ep1: Wherein I become a laptop DJ

Hi folks! This is Clint again, of Bachelor Machines.

Unlike previous Tutorial Thursdays, this week’s featured videos will not be of my own creation. I’m going to let the Internet tag in on this one because I am currently busy warping tracks, practicing sets, and having a nervous breakdown by turns.

About a month ago, my good friend DJ Rachael P talked me into submitting a demo for entry into a local event here in Lansing, MI, USA called the Capital City DJ Olympics, about which I made two assumptions:

  1. I would probably not get in, and if I *did* get in that meant that most of the people that were in it were at around my skill level.
  2. Since this thing is on Sunday nights, no one was going to be there.

Both of these assumptions turned out to be false. This is a HUGE event for Lansing. And the DJs are legit. Scarily legit:

DJ Lee JMore expert DJ

The guy on the left there is DJ Lee J, aka the house DJ for the Detroit Lions and Detroit Tigers. o_O

So here’s a thing: I’ve never DJ’d in a club in my life. My entire DJ life up to this point consists of one (1) work event wherein I played some background music while people ate dinner.

Here’s a picture of me going into cardiac arrest at the Capital City DJ Olympics:
Clint has heart attack.

So yeah. I’m not the teacher this week. This week, I have been watching stuff and learning things, specifically these DJ tutorials brought to us by Abletonlife.com:

How To DJ In Ableton Live Part 1: Setting Up Ableton And Preparing The Songs from Ryan on Vimeo.

How To DJ In Ableton Live Part 2: Working With Clips, Setting Up Effects, Blending Songs from Ryan on Vimeo.

Dear Ryan at abletonlife.com:
You are rad.

Next week might be more of the same kind of thing, we’ll see. I gotta get back to practicing if this whole “underdog success story” scenario I am hoping for is going to work out.


5 thoughts on “[Tutorial Thursday] Learn to Live Vol 3 Ep1: Wherein I become a laptop DJ”

  1. Very cool!

    I’ve done a similar thing once, for this DJ/music production competition called Heineken LIVE. It was international, but I didn’t make it past the qualifying rounds in Singapore. (we were mostly judged based on the merits of a track we had to submit when entering the competition. my track was terrible)

    On this particular gig I had live musicians (a percussionist and a bassist) to back me up, which was comforting. I’d be a total nerve wrack standing up there “performing” all by myself.

    Looking forward to hear your mix (and maybe someone will capture the event on video?)

    Break someones legs!

  2. Nice post – although I would have thought that the tutorials were a little basic for *you* (and that guy has a massively long winded way of warping tracks imo).

    What controller are you using by the way – that’s hugely important.

    As Per says – there had better be footage of this!

  3. The very best of luck with this.
    …and keep blogging. I’m enjoying your scribblings, even as a non Live user.

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