[Tutorial Thursday] Learn to Live Vol 3 Ep3: Capital City DJ Olympics Postmortem

Ok, so that happened!

First, I want to say thanks for sticking with me as I blog about my entry into the Capital City DJ Olympics. This will be the last post on that topic. Returning readers may remember that 2 weeks ago I was freaking out about entering the DJ competition, and was scouring the internet for tutorials. Then, by last week, I had pretty much set up my Live Template for DJing, in preparation for my first DJ performance on 10/23/2011.


It went well, I think. I – along with the other DJs in the competition – owe some thanks to the guys at Boxcar Management for putting on a great event. Lots of people came out, and it was a great time.

Live footage of my set:

(SPOILER: the camera never turns away from the goofy looking DJ guy)

… and a recreation of the set on Mixcloud:

(I forgot to record the set at the event itself, but based on what I remembered about the set and the live footage I could recreate the set pretty well.)

Anyways, yeah. As promised, here’s this week’s tutorial, on warping tracks in a way that will make your DJ life more convenient:

See you next week! Leave some comments if you have any questions!

4 thoughts on “[Tutorial Thursday] Learn to Live Vol 3 Ep3: Capital City DJ Olympics Postmortem”

  1. Great work.

    During your set in the video, a guy walks around and stands beside you and analyses your laptop screen as you performed. Was he a judge or something?
    I was at a gig with several sets being performed the other week, and during a couple of performances I sooooo wanted to do just that, but obviously didn’t. That would have been rude. lol.

  2. Yeah, that guy was one of the judges. I’m not sure exactly what he was looking for, presumably he was trying to figure out to what degree I had pre-prepared my set. I was the only Ableton performer in the competition, so the judge might not have been familiar with it. As I was playing I did hear the guys behind me talking about which knobs I had mapped to what.

  3. The only guy using Live at a DJ competion? Wow. Did you let it be known one of the tracks was your own also? That could be worth bonus points.
    Good work -when is the medal ceremony?

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