Welcome to the New Fwonk*

Hello and Welcome to the latest, newest Fwonk*!

As of Friday 13th April 2012, fwonk.com now redirects to fwonk.co.uk and there are several reasons for this. Firstly, we have moved our entire back catalogue and blog into one single WordPress installation. We could have done that easily at the original URL, but this was even easier, and it effectively merges the netlabel content with the blog content which were separate before.. Secondly, we have moved to the cloud! This site is now distributed to you via content delivery network, which will allow for faster access to the site and all it’s goodness. And lastly, the most important reason we’ve moved is that after we had a DOS-attack several regular users of the site (myself included) found it impossible to access. Obviously, this was not ideal and a new URL should easily solve those problems. We apologise for the inconvenience in resetting RSS feeds and bookmarks and so on, but we hope that the improved quality of service will make these changes worth while.

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