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Amerigo Gazaway – Fela Soul

Amerigo Gazaway - Fela Soul

This is a deliciously funky release – a mash-up of De La Soul acappella’s and Fela Kuti beats. It really doesn’t need any more said than that – just go and download it now!

Download: bandcamp

The Fiction – Names

The Fiction - Names

A free Bandcamp reissue of The Fiction’s 10 track 2005 LP is an alt-rock post-punk delight. Soundling like Spazz crossed with Shellac and Gallon Drunk, this truly kicks arse.

Download: bandcamp

Letna – Tisza meets Dunav

Letna - Tisza meets Dunav

Letna’s 2008 release from the Zymogen Netlabel is still well worth a listen – it’s beautiful. Cut up acoustic guitars, vocals shimmer and presents a glorious ambient soundtrack, based on gentle melodies, arpeggios and chords.

Download: Zymogen