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Ambinate – Horizon EP

Ambinate - Horizon EP

Ambinate presents a gorgeous four track EP of ambient/trance/dubstep. If that sounds like a car-crash of genres, it all works far better than it sounds!

Download: Bandcamp

Terrorball – God Eat God

Terrorball - God Eat God

On our very own OhsaurusGrappa Frisbee netlabel is this brand new release from New Zealand’s Terrorball. Fusing hard house with hip-hop, this is the dancefloor soundtrack for your weekend.

Download: Bandcamp

Fortune Howl – Spectrum Analysis

Fortune Howl - Spectrum Analysis

Strip away the egotistical bluster making the album description, and listen to the tunes. This is a great LP on Relief In Abstract records, fusing glitch and sample based hip-hop with ambient psychedelia.

Download: Bandcamp