Netlabel Music / 40

For a bit of a change this week, we’re having a full on metal special! Netlabel music has traditionally been dominated by electronic music – the means of recording, writing and promotion are easy enough to achieve from a laptop, and the overheads of professionally recording a full live band have often dictated that the musicians involved are understandably often more keen to seek a physical release where they can recoup some of their costs.

The cuts below represent my own personal taste in metal – none of your poodle perms, operatic vocals or Dragonforce style fret-wankery will be found here!

Snailking – Samsara

Snailking - Samsara

Snailking are a Swedish three-piece who come over like Kyuss played through Paulstretch. This is is slow, crushingly heavy but retains a stoner groove and great use of melody and harmony. There are only three songs here, but they are huge epics – the shortest is 9 minutes long!

Download: Bandcamp

Titan – Burn

Titan - Burn

Titan also supply crushing heviosity by the bucket load, but they and like the following Earthrise EP, they are coming from a hardcore punk background rather than a youth spent with a bong, listening to Orange Goblin. This is furious, angry music with powerful, chugging riffage and screamo vocals.

Download: Bandcamp

Earthrise – Eras Lost

Earthrise - Eras Lost

Like the awesome Titan, Earthrise provide largely slow, furious hardcore sludgedom, but this is tempered with a more melodic post-rock/post-metal/post-bossanova approach. Earthrise are less concerned with powerful, oppressive slabs of sound than they are with a melodic, structured and more technical form of metal.

Download: Bandcamp