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Analogg – Scrap Head

Analogg - Scrap Head

The instant you hear Scrap Head, you immediately know that it’s German. That’s not meant as a criticism, as is bass heavy tech-house with elements of dark ambient music, dub and disco. And it’s all rather good.

Download: Hippocamp Netlabel

Sustainer – Cromosoma

Sustainer - Cromosoma

Sustainer brings four tricks of gorgeous low-key ambient glitchery, with all the requisite electronic clicks, hums and buzzes, but with a warm sumptuous melodic quality. This EP is nothing short of stunning.


Charts & Maps – Dead Horses

Charts & Maps - Dead Horses

This was a completely random find, and I’m astonishingly glad I found it. Charts & Maps play a kind of jazz-fusion/math-rock that Frank Zappa used to make look easy. That’s not to say it is easy, but these guys and girls sound astonishingly good – all exceptional musicians capable of dealing with odd time signatures and bizarre tonal shifts without batting an eyelid.