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Ophed & BroodingSideOfMadness – Passing Through Nature To Eternity

Ophed & BroodingSideOfMadness - Passing Through Nature To Eternity

The Etched Traumas netlabel is a new one on me, and this is their most recent release: a haunting, reflective split/collaborative EP from Ophed and BroodingSideOfMadness. Inspired by the sensation of loss, each artist develops their own themes which then gel together into a whole EP.

Download: Etched Traumas Netlabel

Galería Disco – Tenue EP

Galería Disco - Tenue EP

The excellent Columbian netlabel Monofónicos returns with another of their trademark blend of minimal-techno / deep-house EPs with a latin swing. There are three smooth yet hot dance floor numbers, and each has its own accompanying remix.

Download: Monofónicos Netlabel

Björn & Gorden – Autumnica

Björn & Gorden - Autumnica

Melodic and subdued, this lovely EP from Headphonica features electronically manipulated guitars and vocals, with clicky, glitchy beats. It’s almost twee enough to appear on an advert for a faceless, heartless multinational corporation, but remains eccentric enough to ensure that is never a possibility.

Download: Headphonica Netlabel

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