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Almeeva – EP#2

Almeeva - EP#2

Owing a huge debt to the Gilmour/Bono guitar delay sound, and featuring minimal, almost hard-house stomping, percussion, this EP still manages to produce huge swathes of variety, tension, atmosphere and motion through it’s instrumental post-rock jams.

Download: Bandcamp

VA – Denmaaahhrk

VA - Denmaaahhrk

The wonderfully, and consistently wonderful netlabel aaahh records brings a compilation created by the label through the amazing process of renting a huge holiday cottage for the label and their artists and spending a week with the artists all together, jamming and creating. Sounds like an idyllic process, and the recording is every bit as delightful to listen to.

Download: aaahh records

The Lights Galaxia – Another Infinite City

The Lights Galaxia - Another Infinite City

The Lights Galaxia present us with a full length album of ambient electronica, featuring mellow vibes, and gentle, pulsing rhythms. I find that ambient music can reflect the seasons particularly well, and this release is a sun drenched day on a quiet beach with only the distant seagulls, gently lapping surf and your mind for company.

Download: Luxus-Arctica Netlabel