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Lost Twin – Birds

Lost Twin - Birds

Lost Twin is the work of Seville born, Brighton based beatmaker Carlos R Pinto and it’s mix of off the wall ambient weirdness and instrumental hip-hop is a delight to the ears. It manages to be relaxing and funky at the same time. Lovely stuff!

Download: Bandcamp

Fiction City – Here On Earth

Fiction City - Here On Earth

Fiction City brings us just a single track, but its a cracker. Here On Earth is an ambient track filled with great squelchy acid grooves and relaxed beats, and choir pads. It’s quite a retro affair, but if you imagine The Orb, Aphex Twin and Enigma having a jam session, it would probably sound like this.

Download: Circles & Lines Recordings

Bath Aide – Salts EP

Bath Aide - Salts EP

Subtle and melodic by Sociopath’s usual standards, this 4 track EP is a blast of classic-Warp infused IDM and drill and bass. Smooth pads, twisted beats and pulsing basslines give you everything you need.

Download: Sociopath Recordings