Bandcamp and Fwonk*

Under a pioneering new scheme, Fwonk* releases can be released on the artist’s own Bandcamp site. This allows the artist to retain full control of their releases and use the analytic statistics provided by Bandcamp to monitor their own download progress. This way, music releases will get the full benefit of Fwonk*s publicity, as well as being connected to the artists own social networking groups.

Bandcamp and Fwonk* in action

An example of how the scheme will work: Heskin Radiophonic formats the page and puts a small link in the corner directing back to the Fwonk* homepage. The Bandcamp page is redirected from a Bandcamp subdomain to The download links from the Fwonk* website direct you straight to the Bandcamp release.

This process is optional, so artists do not have to align their accounts with Fwonk*, and their submitted releases will come out on Fwonk*s own Bandcamp site.

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