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Here at Fwonk* we love Netlabel Music. Because it’s free, and everyone loves free. But also its music made away from the identikit industry machine, its made by artists who aren’t out to rob teenagers of their pocket money by producing focus-group orientated rubber-stamped auto-tuned dross, but genuinely care about music. So here’s three kickass discoveries we’ve made in the past week.

The 2000 – Lonely Night

Some kicking electro/fidget from the Italian Sostanze netlabel. This may only be two tracks long, but it’s two tracks of awesome pounding dancefloor goodness. A great way to kick off the weekend.

Ears – Sea Legs

Some wobbly, broken beats from Down Under. Maintaining a huge hip-hop groove throughout, these tracks manage to be twisty, glitchy and out there.

M.A.L.A. – Back In Black

Getting back onto the dancefloor – and everyone loves to be on the dancefloor on a Friday – comes this new EP from the Series Media netlabel, this is Colombian minimal house – less Teutonic, more Latin with plenty of groove.

Bandcamp – the best music solution yet?

Bandcamp - best music solution yet?

We here at Fwonk* love Bandcamp. We feel that it is currently the best, free, social platform for musicians to release their music and get it to a wider audience. MySpaces have come and gone, Facebook is bugger all use for musicians, Twitter doesn’t offer album downloads and the Internet Archive hasn’t moved on since 2002.

Soundcloud is fantastic, but unless you fancy spending lots of money getting extra space, it is rather limiting. Bandcamp, however, offers unparrallelled features for musicians. And when we say unparrallelled, we mean no-one else has bothered to do any of this!

For instance, the ability to ask for a donation for your music, rather than giving it away (or charging lots of money that no-one will pay). Or the fantastic analytics monitoring for all you stat g33ks out there.

Here at Fwonk* all of our latest releases are made available via Bandcamp, and we are offering a new solution for artists releasing music on Fwonk*, whereby the artists Bandcamp site becomes a Fwonk* site with a few easy mouse clicks and keystrokes.

But what do you think, readers? What’s your favourite social site for music? Let us know in the comments.

By the way, do people still use words like ‘whereby’ or am I reading too many Victorian novels?

Hello and Welcome!

Hi, welcome to the first post, and a new start for Fwonk*.  We’ve given the site an overhaul, added a blog to bring extra features to lovely listeners out there, give musicians more chance to become involved in and be part of Fwonk*, and bring you exciting new features that will be introduced, added and developed over the coming months. So what’s going to be happening?

Remix Competitions

Yeah, you read the right.  Remix competitions –  we’ll be running competitions with remixes of the latest dancefloor tunes, or tracks from Fwonk*s very own archives.  Details will be announced here, and you’ll be able to follow progress on the forum.  The sets of finished songs will be featured on our Soundcloud pages.

Monthly Podcast

We will be launching a monthly podcast or radio show featuring some of the very best, and very freshest Creative Commons released music and the best that Fwonk* can slap you between the lugholes with.  Featuring a roster of DJs curating their own choice of material, this will be a varied listen, bringing you the tunes the breadth and depth of popular (and unpopular) music.  Shows can be streamed from Mixcloud, but also downloaded from us here.

Greater flexibility for artists

For existing artists within Fwonk*, or those who want to become part of the netlabel and community, we offer the chance to have your own Fwonk* subdomain for your own Bandcamp page. This means that a normal Fwonk* release can be hosted on your very own Bandcamp page. You host your own music, and are responsible for the format of it, and you control it.

Tutorials and more!

This blog is going to be the gateway to online tutorials – a great series of Ableton Live videos is ready – some links to some great tunes and other music sources, and much, much more.

And if all this works, we’ll do even more.