We’re a netlabel with a huge collection of albums, eps and singles to download from our own roster of exciting artists. Our releases are issued under a Creative Commons license. We like Creative Commons because it allows the artists to retain control of their music and artwork, but also allows for the way of the modern internet world. Our content can be copied, pasted, edited, remixed, remastered, DJed and more, provided the original artists are credited and provided that all subsequent works are released under a similar Creative Commons license.

Our catalogue covers a huge range of genres – from the latest dubstep grooves, through ambient drones to screaming grindcore. We don’t believe in pigeon-holing your work. Check out our back catalogue and you’ll be surprised by the variety and quality of music we have to download.  


A netlabel is a not-for-profit internet based record label. We don’t make any money out of your music. Any income that may be generated is put back into hosting costs, subscription fees etc. What we do is offer you a broader built in audience, and publicity via our social media outlets.



Marketing yourself is a key activity for any musician, and with incomes for even professional musicians being at a low, is an activity you have to do yourself. 60 Second Music Marketing know a lot of the tricks, having been active in the UK music scene for over 20 years and this blog is full of invaluable tips and techniques.



Netlabelcovers is a Tumblr blog that focuses on showcasing the artwork that accompanies netlabel and Bandcamp releases. Not only does it make an aesthetically pleasing gallery, the quality of the artwork often matches the quality of the music.



A blog and Twitter feed that gathers feeds in relation to netlabel, creative commons and independent electronic artists and their music.



BPB offer a regularly updated guide to free and inexpensive musical instruments and effects for use in your digital audio workstation.



5W1H 005: The Annunaki

Who Me ?? I am Johnboy the guitarist for The Annunaki and unfortunately for you and for my band the one who is answering the questions for this interview. As far as who the group are we have remained …

October 28, 2013


5W1H 003: Phirnis

Who Kai Ginkel, recording under the Phirnis moniker. Currently living in Vienna. What Where When Why How Phirnis on Fwonk*

September 20, 2013


5W1H 001: Puppet Show

Who James Garvey, aka Puppet Show. What A Singer and Composer and Musictech head and, most importantly, an artist on Fwonk*. Where In person, I currently live in the West of Ireland. In previous years…

June 4, 2013


Netaudio / 52

Transient – Symphony of Curves The Dusted Wax netlabel brings a digital remaster of an EP originally released in the heady days of 2010. This EP is absolutely essential old school hip-hop –…

February 8, 2013


Netaudio / 51

Digi G’Alessio – Cirque de Poche Bleeps, sqeaks and squawks a plenty with this huge outing from the Sostanze netlabel. Crossing somewhere between fidget-house and wonky, humorous instrumen…

February 1, 2013


Top 10 Netaudio Releases of 2012: Part 2

5 / Woodspider – In The Thick Of It Is it anarcho-folk, freak country or acoustic punk? I don’t know, but Woodspider make a glorious racket. It features bellowed vocals, scraped violins, a…

December 21, 2012


Game-Changer of the Year

In July this year Channel 4 launched an advert for their coverage of the Paralympic Games. I’m calling this advert Game-Changer of the Year because no other event, no other piece of media had as…

December 19, 2012


Top 10 Netaudio Releases of 2012: Part 1

So December is here, 2013 is almost upon us. First we have the Season of Good Will and Obligatory List Making! I’d like to begin by saying, there is no way that this list is comprehensive or obj…

December 14, 2012


Netaudio / 50

Büromaschinen- Welcome To Büromaschinen As the name Büromaschinen suggests, this is electronica with a distinctly early 80s, Kraftwerk inspired feel, though there are touches of funkier 80s Miami V…

December 7, 2012


Netaudio / 49

Various Artists – Still CCycho After All These Years This compilation celebrates the 5th birthday of the Rec72 netlabel (an anniversary we will be celebrating here at Fwonk* in the New Year!) wi…

November 23, 2012