December 7, 2012

Netaudio / 50

Büromaschinen- Welcome To Büromaschinen

Büromaschinen- Welcome To Büromaschinen

As the name Büromaschinen suggests, this is electronica with a distinctly early 80s, Kraftwerk inspired feel, though there are touches of funkier 80s Miami Vice style rhythms. It’s a great, fun listen, but it never moves out of it’s “80s cop-movie soundtrack” groove.

Download: Upitup Records

Cavalerra feat. Joaquin – Spectrum

Cavalerra feat. Joaquin – Spectrum

Everyone’s favourite German minimalist techno netlabel celebrates 2012 with another outstanding release from their long standing contributor Cavalerra. This is effortlessly cool – pads whoosh, beats pound and percussion clicks.

Download: Broque Netlabel

Ghryzly Atoms – Cassandra Complex: Episode 1

Ghryzly Atoms - Cassandra Complex: Episode 1

Quite an oddity this – it mixes almost Tool-esque post-rock guitar parts mixed with hip-hop beats, trip-hop samples and oceans of psychedelic delay. Unlike this weeks other two releases, this definitely ploughs its own furrow, but whether it is as successful an EP is more subjective.