March 23, 2012

Netlabel Music / 23


DJ Food – Kraftwerk Kovers Kollection

DJ Food - Kraftwerk Kovers Kollection

suggested by Iain M Spillane
DJ Food has produced an outstanding mix series featuring “cover versions, sample-heavy tracks or songs that obviously owe a debt to the Dusseldorf quartet”. Each mix is also punctuated by samples of interviews and radio profiles. These are essential listening for all fans of Kraftwerk (and by extension anyone involved in making or listening to electronic/computer music).

Danoizz – When Umi Sleeps

Danoizz - When Umi Sleeps

suggested by Heskin Radiophonic
Danoizz brings gorgeous lounge and ambient sounds – all reverbed and delayed electric pianos and programmed acoustic drums, with added glitches and pops. It’s all rather lovely and at its best when chilled, I don’t find the more uptempo, aggressive sections work so well, but it’s a quality release all the same.

Kamen Nedev – Whispers & Noises

Kamen Nedev - Whispers & Noises

suggested by Heskin Radiophonic
And now for something completely different… a field recording of a sound installation, or “polyhedral sound piece” if you prefer. Sounds in a space were triggered by members of the public walking past speakers, and this stereo recording was made by one of those walkers. Unusual, but worth the listen!