193 / Various Artists – Whispers

Over twelve months, twelve Fwonk* artists were put to the test in this experimental single-track album based on the popular children’s ‘Telephone Game’.

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150 / V/A: FWONK*150

Every milestone is just as important as the last, no mountain is too high to climb. For this, our 150th release on the label, we present to you a new compilation featuring 12 exclusive new songs and mixes from our artists.

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5W1H006: 3dtorus

Who? hi, i´m 3dtorus. what you see in the picture is my right hand. What? it´s electronic music; fantasy, dreams and emotions condensed and then written to this world 0´s and 1´s with a laptop. Where? i do my thing at 2screenstudio in germany. but this could be anywhere in […]

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