149 / Cuckoo Spit: Scarlet Tina

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With sweaty palms and a lump in your throat, you knock on her door. She’s beautiful. The curtains are drawn and the scent of perfumed candles is heavy in the air. You prepare yourself for the most perfect romantic evening with the girl of your dreams. Stare into each others eyes, tie each other up – but wait. This was supposed to be a home-cooked meal. Where’s the food? With a surge of panic as she tightens the final knot, you catch a flash of metal from the corner of your eye. Her expression twists with hysteria as she places the knife inside your cheek. “Smile”.

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139 / L-Rai: Songs About Soccer

As a lifetime soccer fan, I thought it would be funny to do something musically with the sport, and this was the result. In this, each song stands on its own, while presenting their individual “stories.” There isn’t an overarching narrative or anything; it’s just intended to be a humorous listen. So yeah, have fun! – Eli

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117 / Anomia: Glitchbait

Gross Prophet and Vasko The Pig – two of Fwonk* long standing members combine their skills on this 4 track EP.

As you might expect from two of the noisiest artists on our roster, this if full of razor sharp beats and acidic synths. The beats twist themselves in knots, the synths are huge and the distortion would make Slayer quiver in their boots. This is a crazy as fuck delight.

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062 / Hitori Tori: Transcription Factors

Transcription Factors is a collection of songs created using a sound tracker that contains conserved sequence elements from songs made over the past decade. Similar to the way a ‘transcription factor protein’ binds to a DNA sequence and limits the transfer of what genetic information will be passed on, preserved musical sequences help regulate what will be passed along to future generations of songs.

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