044 / Katarrhaktes: MAELSTRÖM

Beginnings of stories are often familiar in formula; we are introduced to characters, places, and, of course, scenarios in turn. It’s when the cogs begin to revolve that we are led astray by the narrative into the unfamiliar. In this way, MAELSTRÖM sounds, in places, very much like previous chapters in the story of KATARRHAKTES. It’s dense, distinctly electronic in design, and has the duality of abrasiveness coupled with frailty that one might associate with the name. However, the era of KALI YUGA has ended. KATARRHAKES is back, and is louder than ever, with a new rawness, and an edge as keen as the sting of a Black Widow’s bite. To be listened to at none other than the highest volumes.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

041 / Fudgedubnofunk: Computer Music

The concept/theme that underpins the sonics of “computer music” are the sounds of the C64 and the (almost) final death throws of Fudgedubnofunk’s laptop. The tunes here amalgamate all the various styles and sounds from Fudgedubnofunk’s previous musical exploriments. So, there’s something for everyone (who likes techno, breakbeat, dnb, ambient, glitch, drones and general weirdness at least!)

download: archive.org

032 / Limb-Bow: Places

Limb-Bow, is an occassional moniker, of Ireland based Jerome McCormick. This EP was originally released as a 4 track in late 2004. The song “Grounded”, was remixed by Norwegian label Digicoustic, for their compilation “Digicoustic Sounds”. This exclusive Fwonk* release, contains a bonus track, which was recorded around the same era, in early 2005. All tracks were recorded on a 16 track hard disk recorder, because at the time, Jerome was still a little bit afraid of computers.

download: archive.org

031 / Fudgedubnofunk: Release Q307a

The concept: Take a dictaphone into work and record the chatter of people sitting around you and on the phone, chop the recordings up, chuck into a Reason melting pot along with drones, noises, beats, beeps, bleeps, synths and other splurges, give the resulting tunes suitably techie work related titles … and hey-presto you have the new album by Fudgedubnofunk!

download: archive.org

020 / Errorhythm: 1996

Errorhythm’s first release is a culmination of the last 2 or 3 years of their live sets and bedroom noodlings. Mostly what they describe as “the more successful” of their experiments in both working on electronic music, and also of working together. Bohemian in terms of genre – but made cohesive in general feel and mood – it dabbles in dubstep, industrial and lo-fi electronica, but all clearly stamped with their unique style.

This EP is an excellent display of their versatility, both in songwriting and production. A good mix of party tracks and “listen to on the bus to make you feel better when surrounded by arseholes” tracks.

download: archive.org