199 / tOtALcULt – Beats From The Black Lodge

“I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.”

Splicing together some mountainous beats and esoteric, eerie samples from the classic show Twin Peaks, tOtALcULt returns to Fwonk*. This album needs to be played loud, and let those cavernous beats pulse through you.

This is some damn fine coffee, and hot!

download: bandcamp | archive.org

185 / Optms – Cherry

How do you like your instrumental hip-hop? Woozy, wonky and off-kilter? Phatter than your momma? Then you’re going to love Cherry by Optms. Optms lands at Fwonk* with one almighty thump, and is accompanied by a trio of remixes from our elite producers.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

158 / Ohsaurus – PUng

The mighty Ohsaurus returns to Fwonk* with an album originally issued in March 2013 on the now defunct Noecho Records netlabel. PUng is full length album rooted in funky electronica and modern beats with jazz influence/ If you’ve liked Ohsaurus’ previous work here on Fwonk*, you’ll be delighted to see this drop. If you’re new to Ohsaurus, welcome aboard, you are going to love this.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

156 / 3dtorus – Consumism

3dtorus writes: “Consumism marks my first release in 2015, I wrote it during two weeks with a heavy flu by the end of November 2014, in a strange state of mind, in a land somewhere between Codeine, Aspirin Complex, dream and wake, weak and weird.

“I think it reflects my listening habits in the second half of 2014, which were mainly instrumental hip-hop, trap, dubstep and dub – slow and heavy electronic beats, twisted synths, bass and more bass.

“The title came to my mind when I spun my usual thoughts about money and products as modern day religious artefacts and the effects of this approach on our daily lives in the western civilization. So, this album is for the transcendental entertainment which music provides, not political at all in itself but on the packaging. Enjoy!”

download: bandcamp | archive.org

Netaudio / 59

Lorn / The Maze to Nowhere (part two)

This is an all too brief golden treasure of lo-fi, hip-hop fused ambience. Mixing crisp, spare beats with woozy, analogue, distorted synths this album is suffesed by a fuzzy saturated sound. The added ghostly vocals on the first track is a huge pleasure too – it sounds like Boards of Canada jamming with My Bloody Valentine to make hip-hop.

Zeke Beats / Pay Attention

Another fine record from Saturate Records, this combines elements of trap, hip-hop, EDM and chiptune to fine effect. The riffs aren’t the most original, but the production is stand out. You need huge bass bins to hear this music – you will literally miss 40% of the music if you listen through laptop speakers!

Ghost / A Tale of Life in VI Parts

Some good old fashioned instrumental hip-hop, this bears comparison with the likes of DJ Shadow. 6 tracks of acoustic drum beats, piano riffs and good old fashioned dialogue samples.

Netaudio / 57

Jingha-a x 90sFlav / Catch’in The Vibe (EP)

Dusted Wax Kingdom have a longstanding tradition of putting out the very best in netaudio hip-hop, and this, their 286th release, totally lives up to the title. Part trip-hop, part old skool hip-hop, this is proudly stuck in the 90s with lo-fi loops, beats, clicks and cuts.

DR / 4 Drones

Etched Traumas netlabel bring four short ambient drones from German producer Dominic Razlaff who employs field recordings, synthesizers and tape loops to great effect. Chords wash in and wash out from background layers of static, warm distortion meets the coldness of the chords and melodies.

Various Artists / Gem Drops Four

Gem Drops Four is a compilation album from the Dropping Gems netlabel featuring 21 tracks of prime glitch hop from Portland, USA. Particularly amazing is the track Falling by Vandetta, a ghostly acapella.

105 / Kopfklang: Kammermusik & Metablues

Kopfklang returns from his leisurely cruise through Filterwunderland and gives us his own idiosyncratic electronic take on chamber music and the blues. Huge soundscapes of fat analogue synthesis wash over the listener accompanied by crispy electronic beats.

download: bandcamp | archive.org