Fudgedubnofunk writes:
The Croydon Library Project was born one cold, wet and windy January or February lunchtime in 2001. I had popped into the library just to get out of the rain and cold. At the time I was working on a music project called ‘Amalgamation’, so I had a pad and pen with me all the time to jot down words and ideas. So, there I was and this kind of paranoia came over me, all dark and spooky and almost subconsciously I wrote down 4 nonsensical lines of “poetry”. The original intention was just one track, but it seemed to me there was more mileage in the thing, so I punted the recorded vox and some of the sounds from the original track to some other electronic music makers on Electomancer.com … and the project grew from there. Over the course of 2-3 years around 20 new versions (most of which are here) were created in a variety of styles, I set up a webpage and put together this compilation, which has stayed locked in the vaults …until NOW!!

download: archive.org