From the leanest of the Fwonk elite, we present to you Derams of Lithotripsy – an LP epic with all the trimmings. Fat, bone, and gristle washed down with a few delectable shots of thick, warm blood. Recorded over a single week when our Lord and Master left our virtual residence for sunnier climes, this 18 track ode to a lost Chieftain removes the need for polish, replacing it with raw dynamism and reflexive potentiality.

Curated and organised by Katarrhaktes, this also features the work of Limb-Bow, Czechchap, Vasko The Pig, Bachelor Machines, Valinsjev, Cupid Stunt, Puppet Show, Echosonic, Lisa Librarian, Imploded View, Quiggers, Fudgedubnofunk and Iain M Spillane.

download: bandcamp | archive.org