Learn to Live Vol 1: Simplify Your Live

This is the first in a series of Ableton Live tutorials that Fwonk* will be providing for free, here on the blog. I intend to make this a weekly* feature, so if you have any Live topics you’d like to learn about, post about it in the comments, either here or on Youtube!

Clint (Bachelor Machines)

*no promises on what day of the week we’re talking about.

This week, I’m going to start out with a pair of tutorials that might help aid you in organizing your sessions.

First, this tutorial shows how to create a default session template…

… and this tutorial discusses why it might be a good idea to throw out the idea of even having a default session template:

Coming soon:
-a three-part tutorial discussing Racks within Live
-a series of tutorials discussing scoring for film and video within Live (with some additional discussions regarding general film scoring techniques)

Let us know what you think!