Going Straight: Week 1 – Intervention

So stealing is easy and 99% of my three thousand pound studio is warez.

Last week this was true, this week it is not.

Gone is the (nearly) entire Native Instruments back catalogue, gone is Fabfilters entire range, gone is the lovely, lovely ‘Vintage Warmer 2’, gone is CamelPhat and CamelSpace and gone too is Sonnox’s powerful ‘Inflater’.

Perhaps most importantly though, gone is Ableton Live, the DAW I have been using exclusively for the last three or four years.

It’s probably worth me pointing out at this point that this isn’t a moral crusade that I’m trying to push. I’m not telling you WAREZ IS EVIL, purely that for me, I’m wanting to leave it behind. The main reason being that my kids are getting older and I’m thinking at some point they are gonna ask me where all this fun stuff on the PC comes from and I like to be able to tell them that I worked hard and saved for it and bought it. Not that I nicked it. I’m a lead-by-example kinda guy. But as I say, this is just me on my own personal mission, no preachy, preachy here, move along now!

Before I abandoned Live entirely I spent a week or so searching eBay for second hand copies of old versions, I was perfectly happy to use version 5 or 6, I don’t use half the clever stuff anyway, basic is good. It seems however that once you fork out for Ableton then you are sold for life, upgrade all the way baby so no second hand to be found.

So it was that the cry of ‘help’ went out to the Fwonk* forum and Cockos Reaper was suggested. It’s an affordable, fully fledged audio sequencer, with all the routing options of the big boys, only with none of the gigabytes worth of sample libraries. I’ve been playing with it for a little while no and all indications are good. Utterly different.. but good. I am gonna have another week with it before I give you a more complete opinion so watch this space.

Mondays’ Going Straight then is going to be me trying to replace all my nice shiny stolen goods with honest to goodness cheap or free stuff, hopefully this will be interesting and informative. Fingers crossed eh?

5 thoughts on “Going Straight: Week 1 – Intervention”

  1. Those looking for a very capable and affordable DAW should also check out Renoise. Once you get your head around the hex-based tracker interface (which took me a while, but I did get there after a few days), it’s extremely powerful, and the full version goes for 60 Euro.

  2. I think a lot of people making music are users of teh warez, but the quality of free (or very cheap) software out there these days is incredible. Okay, so you won’t get a drum machine or sampler with 5GB of quality sounds, but you can get all the bare essentials you need for starting yourself for next to nothing.

  3. Cool article Vasko. Should make a good series.
    Only legit software on my computer for a while now, although it was only plugs that I ever .. um.. “demo’d” really anyway. If you find a free/cheap replacement for Waves L3 Multimaximiser I am all ears 🙂
    I am thinking of trying out Reaper myself so will stay tuned.

  4. Nice article, Vasko. I’m someone who started out on warez and went legit. Mainly I was reliant on warez because I was in college and broke. Since I got a decent job, I’ve had no such excuse and I want to support the companies whose software I use. I don’t judge people who are using warez, especially in these tight economic times.

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