Recommended Podcast: Density of Sound

There are several podcasts I keep coming back to for a new fix in Creative Commons music, and Density of Sound is one of the very best. Dedicating itself exclusively to Creative Commons released music, this podcast is roughly an hour long show, recorded and released about once a month.

The host, Matthew Jones, has obviously studied at the feet of The One True Master. There is a huge variety of music genres on offer – anything from Ambient Drone, to Balkan Folk, to Garage Punk to Gabba – the more varied the better, and to be honest, that’s the way I like it!

Adding to the Peel-feel is Jones’ own affable (and northern) presentation style, and his no-nonsense contempt of all things mainstream, especially the parade of Cowell-approved identikit karaoke acts that passes for contemporary culture. Here is a host who likes to give air play to artists who would otherwise be languishing on MySpace, the Internet Archive or Bandcamp.

There are nearly 50 shows available to download, each featuring roughly a dozen musical gems, so get out there and give it a whirl!

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