Netlabel Music / 3

Alex Durlak – Lowing

suggested by katarrhaktes
A fifteen minute EP consisting of arhythmic and atonal drones, performed on a bass guitar. Okay, that sounds terrible, but it really is rather excellent and worthy of checking out, from the ever dependable ambient netlabel Audio Gourmet.

Please note that payment is required to download from the Bandcamp page, but it’s also on the Internet Archive for nowt, and that link follows.

Kalope – To Norbu (from the archives)

suggested by deepbeep
Two piano-led, chilled tracks featuring nice crispy beats. The label only received these files via mysterious means and had largely forgotten about them, but some quirk of fate led them to be released, and thank goodness too!

Phasma – Mirage EP

suggested by Heskin Radiophonic
From the Japanese Bunkai-Kei netlabel comes this delightful EP featuring four tracks of delicate, yet beat driven glitchery. Fantastic stuff, and gorgeous artwork too!