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Jani R – Wild Model EP

Jani R - Wild Model

suggested by imploded view
The latest release from our very own Imploded View’s own Blurry Pup netlabel, Jani R’s Wild Model is stunning. Four beautifully chilled, serene tracks that just float by in a lovely warm analog glow.

Datatraxx – Sandbank EP

suggested by deepbeep
Minimal-house is a difficult genre to get right – it’s difficult to keep feet moving with so little going on in a song. This EP from Datatraxx has three remixes of the same song, but they all sound great, and crucially, they get that minimal-house balance just right.

Ohsaurus – Three Pounds Of Flax

suggested by Heskin Radiophonic
We love us some Ohsaurus here at Fwonk* – we’ve got his albums North West Passage and Glacial Pioneer on our roster, and 3 Pounds of Flax is another stunner, direct from the man’s Bandcamp page. This has the rough and ready glitch-hop appeal of Glacial Pioneer, all vinyl crackles, analog synths, echo chambers and blunted funk beats. We love it!

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  1. Listening to the Wild Model EP. Very good stuff!
    This EP are hereby granted permanent residence in my ambient/atmo playlist.

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