Podcast / 3

Back for a third mix of crisp beats and phat basses from the archives of Fwonk* netlabel, and choice cuts from around the world of Netlabel, Netaudio and Creative Commons music. This mix flips genres between ambient, afro-beat, 8-bit, breakcore, IDM, hip-hop and more. If you like sound, listen to this!

download: from fwonk*


Wan Bushi | Helmut Lottie & The Russian Dubcore Band | Ringe Raja Records
Barem | Kleine Kloob | Kleine
Juanitos | Soul Africa | Soul Africa

The Maaaigs | Labyrinth | Sociophobe
The Dead Rocks | Sonic Stars | One Million Dollar Surf Band
Katarrhaktes | Startstone Crater | The Xallarap Investigation

Kabukiman | Chicklet | You’re Right, Let’s Bail
Sculptures | Canada Water | Stretch Beat Tape
Kopfklang | Im Filterwunderland III | Im Filterwunderland

Total Cult | Shafted | Boom Bap
2nd Mouse | Fistful Of Beats | Levite
Tiruset | Broadcasting The Message | Siruxect

Entertainment For The Brain Dead | Wastelands | Roadkill
Konntinent | Grasp Of Math | All Lines Lead In
Herzog | Small Loves | Small Loves