Podcast / 4

Fwonk* regular Katarrhaktes brings you his guide to the world of netmusic, featuring 8bit, glitch, industrial techno and breakcore. This is certainly not for the faint hearted or those still recovering from New Year hangovers. It is loud, proud and uncompromising. Which is nice.

download: from fwonk*


Scarlet Tina | Less Than Three
Bl00dsuck1ng Fr34k | Fucked Up
Take Shark Tar | Spinethresher [demo]

Loffciamcore & Commericalwhore | Black Betty Is Splitter Bitch
Dave! | Chocolate Biscuit Rape Factory
Heskin Radiophonic | A Whisper Is Never Enough
With Prison Cell Was Embraced & Bogutsky | Don’t Leave Me Alone

Stratosonics | Attack, Monster Kabuki, Attack! (covered by Katarrhaktes)
0xBBninja | Ah Look At This Pretty Princess
katarrhaktes | fallen star
Phllox | Wasp Attack
Merlune | Yellowstoned

Synaecide | Venom (feat Emane)
Styli | In Boxes With Toys
Bass Assassin | 8bit Detective

Fear Liath | Haze Over Grey