Netlabel Music / 27

Hi there and welcome to another edition in our mission to reveal ace netlabel tunes. These gems were all discovered researching the next podcast or two, so stay tuned for those when they come. In the mean-time, check these three out – all worthy of an instant download, and watch out for a brand new Fwonk* release later this afternoon!

Swampyboy – Robot Love Story

Swampyboy - Robot Love Story

Recently released on Sociopath Recordings, this album glories in 8-bit, lo-fi, chip-tune breakbeat fun. It’s packed with energy, musicality and a mischievous sense of humour. It reminds me most of Squarepusher back in his Big Loada glory days, and praise can come no higher than that.

Peak – So Shy

Peak - So Shy

Released on the outstandingly good Italian netlabel A Quiet Bump, this EP by Peak is a half-way house between minimal electracoustic music and vintage King Tubby dub. The blend works incredibly well and provides a wonderful, thrillingly subdued experience.

Fasenuova – A La Quinta Hoguera

Fasenuova - A La Quinta Hoguera

A release from the Discos Humeantes netlabel features Spanish electronic New Wave music – there is more than a hint of Joy Division or Cabaret Voltaire here. The lyrics tune into pagan issues and a certain minimal darkness is central to this albums appeal.