Podcast / 9 by Vasko The Pig

Vasko The Pig hosts a brand new Fwonk* podcast. Each segment is a mini-mix of tracks interspersed with chat from our host. There are some excellent tracks here to enjoy, and the mixing is utterly seemless and works perfectly. The whole show if finished off with a brand new, previously unreleased track from Vasko himself.

download: archive.org


JENNIFER AVILLA | El Tranvia | Darkling, I Listen | link
KABUKIMAN | Tammy & The T-Rex | You’re Right, Let’s Bail | link
I, CACTUS | Ruby Cactus | I, Cactus | link
THEMURU | Khärt,Me’fāləd Rlyə ‘Mərila | Khärt,Me’fāləd Rlyə ‘Mərila | link

THANATO TWIST WITH OLEG’S SOUND SYSTEM | 80’S Twisted Oleg’s Revenge | Swing Mastication | link

TIRUSET | The Drone | Siruxect | link
OHSAURUS | Rocks Are Space (Space Is Illusion) | Glacial Pioneer | link
HITORI TORI | Acid Happens | Transcription Factors | link
GROSS PROPHET | Sunset | Vague Memories Of Self | link