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Gumbel – Pocket Carnivalé

Gumbel - Pocket Carnivalé

Gumbel’s Pocket Carnivalé is an absolute magpie’s treasure trove – little bits of music and influence have been pinched from all over. 8-bit, glitch, acoustic samples, hip-hop, musique concrete are all whirled in a blender to produce something outstanding.

Download: Stato Elettrico Netlabel

Radex – RAS

Radex - RAS

This Radex release is quite an oddity, even within the broad church of netlabel music. It alternates styles between ambient kosmische, trip-hop and 8-bit beats and is structured into two separate ‘sides’, but Radex brings it all together into a cohesive album.

Download: Picpack Netlabel

[neuma] – Volviendo a Casa

[neuma] - Volviendo a Casa

An eight track EP bringing a sexy Spanish swing to this EP of hip-hop meets ambient electronica. Track 224 (falsa alarma) is an absolute classic, melding huge beats, great vocals and some lovely work with glitched vox and ambient pads.

Download: Series Media

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