Netlabel Music / 35

In a change to the usual format, this week I have been sampling the latest releases from three netlabels I’ve never visited before, in an attempt to broaden the palette and sources of music available.

Nacho Monetto – Skepticism

Nacho Monetto - Skepticism

Skepticism, from Swedish netlabel El Ljud begins with a cavernous, dark drone with an satisfactorily creepy mood. Although later tracks add their own clicky beats, the whole remains decidedly ambient idm: spooky, twitchy, jerking as electricity pulses life into it.

Download: El Ljud Netlabel

Landcrash – Sunrise/Dark

>Landcrash – Sunrise/Dark”/></p>
<p>This is the most recent, free release from UK ambient netlabel <a href=Rural Colours. Landcrash is the pseudonym of Staffordshire based film artist and composer Daniel Hopkins, and this release provides three intensely ambient drones, subtle melodies and organic elements blending effortlessly into a sumptuous whole.


Project Gestalten – Absence: Reconstructions

Project Gestalten - Absence: Reconstructions

From the Brazilian netlabel Tranzmitter comes an hour long remix/reintrepretation of their earlier Absence album. This is by turns downtempo, mischevious, aggressive idm-techno: subtle, yet vicious.