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Beat Dowsing – Trigger Melodies

Beat Dowsing - Trigger Melodies

A sumptuous 9 track album from the Phonocake netlabel, featuring laid back, downbeat tunes with playfully chilled and funky vibes.

Download: Phonocake Netlabel

Bit Trash Riot – Sonata for a Fictional Microcomputer

Bit Trash Riot - Sonata for a Fictional Microcomputer

German artist Bit Trash Riot releases a fantastic 8-bit, lo-fi glory of an album on the Spanish 56KBPS Records (scroll left on the flash website). This is bursting with fun, and glorious 8-bit glitchiness.

Download: 56 KBPS Records

Khavn – Mondomanila

Khavn - Mondomanila

This is the 13-song soundtrack to the independent film “Mondomanila: Or, How I Fixed My Hair After A Rather Long Journey,” featuring songs composed, performed and produced by the director Khavn De La Cruz. The opening track – mixing smooth bossanova with screamo punk – sums up the bizarre, schizophrenic nature of the album, and of the city itself.

Download: Avant Pop! Netlabel