Netlabel Music / 38

In a change to the usual weekly linking of three netlabel releases, this week I’m going to offer a profile of music, podcasts and mixes that are available on Mixcloud. Mixcloud is a website that allows people to stream podcasts, mixes, radio shows and more in a range of genres, from spoken word to full on mixes by major label artists. There’s a bit of something in there for everyone, but I’m going to highlight the netaudio and netlabel side of the Mixcloud menu.

Grappa Frisbee

You may have noticed that here at Fwonk*, we like us some Ohsaurus. Well Grappa Frisbee Records is Ohsaurus’ very own netlabel, and with that netlabel comes great responsibility a Mixcloud account, full of great tracks, huge beats and more.

Mixcloud: Grappa Frisbee

Headphone Commute

Headphone Commute is a collective uploading regular cloudcasts and mixes from a plethora of artists, each of them specialising in the ambient genre. Everything from field recordings to drones, to soundscapes and more are all available for your pleasure. Over 100 cloudcasts are available to stream, and more are added all the time.

Mixcloud: Headphone Commute

Future Sequence

Regular readers will be well aware of the outstanding, nay, genre defining ambient collections released by Future Sequence records, and this selection of mixes from various ambient artists amply demonstrates why this label is at the top of the game. Regularly updated, and featuring over 60 free mixes to stream, this is the place to go for your ambient chills.

Mixcloud: Future Sequence