Netaudio / 47

Hello and welcome to our first netlabel – or as the title more accurately suggests, netaudio – round-up since our FWONK*100 blow out! Why the change to netaudio? Well I think it more accurately reflects our changing times – in the current era of Bandcamp and Soundcloud, an act or band can get their music on the internet without needing the resources of a label (i.e. web design, hosting etc.). Does that mean that netlabels serve no purpose in the modern era? I don’t think so… but this is the subject of an entire blogpost to itself. On with the music!

Corrupt Autopilot – Oh No!

Corrupt Autopilot - Oh No!

We featured Corrupt Autopilot’s previous album Inside The Crystal Palace back in May, and that’s album’s had a lot of rotation on my iPod since then. This new EP takes the fuzzed up Americana and gives it a garage rock and roll kick up the pants. Love it!

Download: Bandcamp

Chooko – Brain Dust EP

CChooko - Brain Dust EP

On the Kreislauf netlabel comes this squelchy, funky, drippy instrumental electronic hip and trip hop EP. Stunning production, funky beats and glorious melodies abound.


Various Artists – Tiny Robots

Various Artists - Tiny Robots

From the Kahvi Collective comes this mammoth compilation – 29 tracks, 185 minutes – from a whole range of their artists, across multiple genres, from ambient, IDM, big-beat and more.

Download: Kahvi Collective