Top 10 Netaudio Releases of 2012: Part 2

5 / Woodspider – In The Thick Of It

Woodspider - In The Thick Of It

Is it anarcho-folk, freak country or acoustic punk? I don’t know, but Woodspider make a glorious racket. It features bellowed vocals, scraped violins, and acoustic guitars strummed apparently by scissors. Underneath all the racket though is a delightful sense of song-writing, mischief and rock and roll excess.

Download: Bandcamp

4 / Ohsaurus – Unendlichen Himmel

Ohsaurus - Unendlichen Himmel

You may have guessed by now that we like a bit of Ohsaurus around these parts. This release, from the prolific artist, is one of about 19 he’s released in 2012. Obviously, it’s difficult to pick one as the best, so I went with the “pin the tail on the donkey” technique! This release is totally what you’d expect from The Big Oh – it’s funky, instrumental hip-hop that’s so cool it could freeze a T-1000.

Download: Bandcamp

3 / Kadasarva – Steamagination

Kadasarva – Steamagination

Okay, I’ve just realised this was released in December 2011… but it doesn’t matter. This is an awesome release of pounding trancey synths and beats. This is old school analogue trance-house given a 21st century digital makeover. The whole thing throbs with sexy, e-powered, unrelenting energy.

Download: Ektoplazm Netlabel

2 / Corrupt Autopilot – Oh No!

Corrupt Autopilot - Oh No!

I love Corrupt Autopilot. This is pure garage rock and roll, filtered through with hints of gothic Americana. More boisterous than their previous (also excellent) EP, this is chock full of great riffs, fuzzed guitars and drawled lyrics. It rocks. Go listen.

Download: Bandcamp

1 / Talk Less, Say More – England Without Rain

Talk Less, Say More - England Without Rain

There was only one contender for this position – a netlabel release without parrallel anywhere. In fact this is the best record of the year, period. It hasn’t been off my MP3 player since it was released.

This album doesn’t contain a duff track, a bum note or a single foot wrong. It’s perfect.

It redefines and reclaims pop music as a genre – begone you Simon Cowell generated karaoke-bots, begone you factory assembled hit machine girl bands! This is original, electro-pop music as a work of art, something that is lovingly created, rather than cynically, synthetically packaged.

This album absolute pings with imagination, creativity, wit and it’s impossible not to get excited by that. And if you don’t want to take my word for it, read all the other reviews on the webpage.

Download: Records On Ribs Netlabel