Netaudio / 53

We haven’t done one of these for a long, long while. But with Apple hacking everybody’s account and leaving a turd of a U2 album in your iTunes, we thought we’d recommend some free music that is good, and that you can download out of your own choice, rather than having it imposed on you.

So without more of a do, we recommend…Various Artists / Empire of Fuzz

Twenty-six tracks of contemporary garage punk and garage rock, slathered, as the title suggests in layers upon layers of fuzz. Featuring Moon Duo, Pissed Jeans and many others, this album is an audio kick in the bollocks, and gob of spit in the eye.

Various Artists / Sequence8

Futuresequence is a long standing ambient netlabel, and this, the eigth in their epic series of double-album length ambient compilations maintains the high standards of the previous entries. From the sound of frozen wastes, to the haunted cellars of an ancient opera house, this album conjures all manner of ambient and drone based music.

Skytree / Ganesha

This two part EP blends new age, trance and ambient music to great effect. This is very much in the same ballpark Banco de Gaia and is a perfect choice for a chill out session.

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