Netaudio / 58

Hallowe’en / Hallowe’en

Noisy post-punk from Auckland. Hallowe’en are interested in making a jangly discordant noise. Long may they do so!

Various Artists / Hell’s Headbangers Vol.7

How can we have a Halloween special without featuring without featuring a full on album of metal, spelled with a capital METAL. This is full on, fast and gloriously bullet-belted, patches on a denim waistcoat metal. Where else could you find a track called Sex Dungeon by a band called Shitfucker?

D’Evil / Madman

An album of old skool hip-hop and rap, skits and all from India. Whilst the beats are familiar, the Indian perspective is new (to my ears at least!)

On the commercial side of things, this week we have been listening to Supercharger Goes Way Out! which is possibly the best rock and roll album in the world.