Fwonk* Open
Monday 3rd February – Friday 28th February

Welcome to the first public challenge on The Cauldron! This one is simple:

Record a short piece of music (1-3 minutes) of your own design using only the word ‘Fwonk’ as a guide.

When you post your track, please remember to include:

  • A Description!
    Your working process is important not only to us but to everyone else as well!
  • Tags!
    Put the following after your track title and in the tags themselves: [thecauldron001_fwonkopen]
  • Licensing!
    Please ensure that the track’s set to a Creative Commons license that allows for remixing. (e.g. Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike)
  • Downloads!
    We’d love for all music to be downloadable for potential use in future projects.
  • Links!
    As a community project, these are super important, so don’t leave them out!

Please include the following as part of your description:

Find out more about The Cauldron: https://fwonk.co.uk/the-cauldron
Join The Cauldron: http://soundcloud.com/groups/the-cauldron
Check out the Fwonk netlabel: https://fwonk.co.uk/

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