189 / Andrulian – The Girl With The Long Flowing Hair

Andrulian has created something special with The Girl With The Long Flowing Hair. All sound elements were initially forged using the Virtual ANS software synthesiser that analyses images into microtonal sound. All sounds were derived from the one image, by Laura Woermke. This was then tweaked, manipulated and arranged using the Hollyhock II DAW, using granulation, looping, generative rhythms.

The end result is an album that defies categorisation – it is a hugely daring piece of deconstructed sonic art, that incorporates drones, ambient textures and glitches.

download: bandcamp | archive.org | hearthis.at

All music written, performed, arranged and produced by Andrulian | SoundCloud | Twitter
Derived from artwork by Laura Woermke | Facebook | Twitter

188 / Trium Circulorum – For The Sad, The Mad and The Lonely

For The Sad, The Mad And The Lonely is the new full length album from Trium Circulorum. Startlingly sparse, primal and beautiful, these tracks weave gentle melodies with minimal beats in a blend of contemporary techno and classic kosmische.

In a Fwonk* first, this album is available in a strictly limited edition of 25 audio cassettes. 15 are available from our very own Bandcamp page, 10 direct from the artist himself. The cassette has been professionally produced on high quality audio tape, in a green glitter box

download: bandcamp | archive.org

Coming Soon – Trium Circulorum

We are delighted to announce that coming soon on Fwonk* will be the new album from Trium Circulorum – aka 3dtorus and Kanal Drei.

This full length album is a mesmerising mix of early electronic ambient music and ultra minimal techno, hypnotic in it’s beauty. It will also be the first Fwonk* physical release, appearing in a strictly limited edition of 25 audio cassettes.

More details soon…

187 / Various Artists – Netklang #1

Celebrating 8 years to the day of our very first release, Netklang #1 brings together some of the very latest Fwonk* artists including Optms and Trium Circulorum with some of the more established artists like Vasko the Pig, Katarrhaktes and Heskin Radiophonic. This music is a loving mix of genres and styles. Go out, experiment with your ears and have some audible fun!

download: bandcamp | archive.org

185 / Optms – Cherry

How do you like your instrumental hip-hop? Woozy, wonky and off-kilter? Phatter than your momma? Then you’re going to love Cherry by Optms. Optms lands at Fwonk* with one almighty thump, and is accompanied by a trio of remixes from our elite producers.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

184 / Corbin Roof – Midnight Land

Corbin Roof (the artist formerly known as Roofy) arrives on Fwonk* with an album of minimalist, ambient drones. Intended to be used as a sleep aid.

Listening Advice:
When played in its entirety at low volume across cell phone speakers it can be used to help the listener to reach a relaxed state resulting in much needed sleep.

download: bandcamp | archive.org | Soundcloud | HearThis.at

Netklang #1 / music wanted

Greetings and Happy New Year!

Here at Fwonk* we are starting 2016 with an open call for submissions for a new compilation of original tracks from exciting artists. Netklang #1 will be a new compilation, due for release in early February.

Four conditions apply in submitting a track:

  • The track must be an original composition by you
  • It must be submitted in WAV or AIFF format
  • It must be no longer than 8 minutes
  • It must be interesting

That’s it. Go and make some music, or send us a song you may have sitting on a dusty shelf.

Send them to us via email, Facebook or Twitter.