Netlabel Music / 3

Alex Durlak – Lowing

suggested by katarrhaktes
A fifteen minute EP consisting of arhythmic and atonal drones, performed on a bass guitar. Okay, that sounds terrible, but it really is rather excellent and worthy of checking out, from the ever dependable ambient netlabel Audio Gourmet.

Please note that payment is required to download from the Bandcamp page, but it’s also on the Internet Archive for nowt, and that link follows.

Kalope – To Norbu (from the archives)

suggested by deepbeep
Two piano-led, chilled tracks featuring nice crispy beats. The label only received these files via mysterious means and had largely forgotten about them, but some quirk of fate led them to be released, and thank goodness too!

Phasma – Mirage EP

suggested by Heskin Radiophonic
From the Japanese Bunkai-Kei netlabel comes this delightful EP featuring four tracks of delicate, yet beat driven glitchery. Fantastic stuff, and gorgeous artwork too!

Recommended Podcast: Density of Sound

There are several podcasts I keep coming back to for a new fix in Creative Commons music, and Density of Sound is one of the very best. Dedicating itself exclusively to Creative Commons released music, this podcast is roughly an hour long show, recorded and released about once a month.

The host, Matthew Jones, has obviously studied at the feet of The One True Master. There is a huge variety of music genres on offer – anything from Ambient Drone, to Balkan Folk, to Garage Punk to Gabba – the more varied the better, and to be honest, that’s the way I like it!

Adding to the Peel-feel is Jones’ own affable (and northern) presentation style, and his no-nonsense contempt of all things mainstream, especially the parade of Cowell-approved identikit karaoke acts that passes for contemporary culture. Here is a host who likes to give air play to artists who would otherwise be languishing on MySpace, the Internet Archive or Bandcamp.

There are nearly 50 shows available to download, each featuring roughly a dozen musical gems, so get out there and give it a whirl!

visit website

Netlabel Music / 2

Shotgun Orchestra – Riot Dance School

Here’s a wake up call for the weeknd – seven tracks of saw basses, breakcore beats, amen breaks and throbbing gabba kicks from the ever dependable Sociopath Recordings.

Downliners Sekt – We Make Hits, Not The Public

Scary, glitched vocals, vinyl crackles and a menacing not-all-together-there dubby beat come together in this outstanding (if brief) EP from Downliners Sekt.

Bubamara Brass Band – Bubamarija / Kashtanizma

…And now for something completely different! The Bubamara Brass Band kick in with four tracks of Balkan music, performed with real zeal. It may not be everyone’s bag, but it really should be.

Netlabel Music / 1

Here at Fwonk* we love Netlabel Music. Because it’s free, and everyone loves free. But also its music made away from the identikit industry machine, its made by artists who aren’t out to rob teenagers of their pocket money by producing focus-group orientated rubber-stamped auto-tuned dross, but genuinely care about music. So here’s three kickass discoveries we’ve made in the past week.

The 2000 – Lonely Night

Some kicking electro/fidget from the Italian Sostanze netlabel. This may only be two tracks long, but it’s two tracks of awesome pounding dancefloor goodness. A great way to kick off the weekend.

Ears – Sea Legs

Some wobbly, broken beats from Down Under. Maintaining a huge hip-hop groove throughout, these tracks manage to be twisty, glitchy and out there.

M.A.L.A. – Back In Black

Getting back onto the dancefloor – and everyone loves to be on the dancefloor on a Friday – comes this new EP from the Series Media netlabel, this is Colombian minimal house – less Teutonic, more Latin with plenty of groove.