Podcast / 9 by Vasko The Pig

Vasko The Pig hosts a brand new Fwonk* podcast. Each segment is a mini-mix of tracks interspersed with chat from our host. There are some excellent tracks here to enjoy, and the mixing is utterly seemless and works perfectly. The whole show if finished off with a brand new, previously unreleased track from Vasko himself.

download: archive.org


JENNIFER AVILLA | El Tranvia | Darkling, I Listen | link
KABUKIMAN | Tammy & The T-Rex | You’re Right, Let’s Bail | link
I, CACTUS | Ruby Cactus | I, Cactus | link
THEMURU | Khärt,Me’fāləd Rlyə ‘Mərila | Khärt,Me’fāləd Rlyə ‘Mərila | link

THANATO TWIST WITH OLEG’S SOUND SYSTEM | 80’S Twisted Oleg’s Revenge | Swing Mastication | link

TIRUSET | The Drone | Siruxect | link
OHSAURUS | Rocks Are Space (Space Is Illusion) | Glacial Pioneer | link
HITORI TORI | Acid Happens | Transcription Factors | link
GROSS PROPHET | Sunset | Vague Memories Of Self | link


Podcast / 8

May’s podcast is a relatively low-key, subdued affair, with a bit of a sting in the tail! Tracks from Wood Spider, Beth Kleist and The Black Atlantic give us an organic feel, and we feature a special profile of instrumental hip-hop netlabel Dusted Wax Kingdom.

download: archive.org


THE BLACK ATLANTIC | The Flooded Road | Darkling, I Listen | link
DANOIZZ | When Imi Sleeps | When Umi Sleeps | link
CRACKLE CREATIONS | Water Mist | Eros | link

OHSAURUS | Sudden Extinction | North East Structure | link
WOOD SPIDER | Lonesome Shore | In The Thick Of It | link
NOYCE | Rain | Shmank | link
BEEMBO | Road, House | Ankle Band EP | link
LO-FI SCIENTISTS | Ego Trippin’ | Lo-Fi Scientists | link

EXIT! | Female | Female | link
ECHOSONIC | Achatine | Gauze | link
BETH KLEIST | Antimeridian | Drei | link

CIRCUS OF MIND | Jiggawatt | 80Hz Sacred Surplus | link
2nd MOUSE | Domino | Decade | link
KATARRHAKTES | Shadows Chasing Shadows Into The Sun | Ascension | link

Podcast / 7

As Spring is sprunging all around, Heskin Radiophonic brings us into April with some choice cuts. This month featuring a special profile of two netlabels – the ambient Blurry Pup Recordings and the dancefloor orientated Sostanze Records.

Fans of this podcast should also check out the glorious Machtdose podcast.

download: archive.org


PER | Ettertid | Ettertid | link
KOPFKLANG | Zurück im Wunderland II | Zurück im Wunderland | link
FUDGEDUBNOFUNK | EIOPA | Solvency II: Release 2 | link

JANI R | Damaged | Blurred Lines | link
MICHAEL OLDHAM | Evening Sun Recedent | Aurelia | link
GARDEN HALL | The Big Move | Melded Mementos | link

BEBOP | Raver Boom | Raver Boom | link
FLUX | The Reaper | The Reaper | link
SINCOPE | Fiction | Close Moving | link

GLOBAL GOON | Greenfeld | Carbon | link
BUDDY SATIVA vs. J-DILLA | Anti-American Graffiti | Do The Dilla – A Tribute To The Drum Master | link
KADASARVA | Quaternion | Steamagination | link

Podcast / 6

March’s Fwonk* Podcast brings you a varied palette for the gradual onset Spring! This month we have a lot of hip-hop, rap and dub, but this is tempered with some outstanding space-rock, garage rock, Greek folk music and one of the best dancefloor anthems we’ve ever heard. We also feature two tracks by the outstanding Talk Less, Say More who has been making waves with a great review of his excellent new EP on The Quietus, amongst others!

download: archive.org


The 2000 | Lonely Night | Lonely Night | link
Luger | Dracula’s Chaffeur Wants More | Concrete Light | link
Talk Less, Say More | Atlantic | England Without Rain | link

Yoeri | Come Together | Deep Mono Breath
Watsky & Mody | Man Of Constant Sorrow | Watsky & Mody
Dr Dub remixes Arrogalla | Sardinia Springtime Tweak | Recto Vol.2

Indelible | The Drop | Dusty
M.A.L.A. | Back And Forth | Number One
Vasko The Pig | Etiam Risus Sapien | Relativistic Distortions

Stallone | The Battle Of Miami | Stallone
Marika Papagika | Hrissaido | The Further The Flame, The Worse It Burns Me
Tribal Grooves | Puliogare | Ringe Raja Records #6

Talk Less, Say More | Pebbles In The Flood | I Don’t Know Where I Am
Tribuman | Ego Style | Underground International
Stratosonics | Sonic Boom Boogie | Sonice Boom Boogie

Podcast / 5

Heskin Radiophonic returns with his first podcast since December, and this is a diverse, energetic headlong dive through the sparkling waters of netlabel and Creative Commons sourced music. Featuring everything from German blues, through to Russian Beefheartian-folk, storming glitchcore and soothing ambient drones. There’s a little something for everyone here.

download: from fwonk*


Pigeons & The Insane Porridge Makers | Triptych | link
Norman Fairbanks | The Glam Machines Arrive | link
Pixtar | Jupiter Rising | link

Patchwork On The Blues | Hoochie Coochie Man | link
82nd Ave | Curvy Girls (Easy Mix) | link
Ohsaurus | Second Helpings | link

Bachelor Machines | SETI @ Home | link
Gross Prophet | Burn The Hippy Ravers | link
Inkraktare | Sunloop | link

Jani R | Hold That Thought | link
Maps & Transit | Tendrils | link
Entertainment For The Braindead | Souvenirs | link

Podcast / 4

Fwonk* regular Katarrhaktes brings you his guide to the world of netmusic, featuring 8bit, glitch, industrial techno and breakcore. This is certainly not for the faint hearted or those still recovering from New Year hangovers. It is loud, proud and uncompromising. Which is nice.

download: from fwonk*


Scarlet Tina | Less Than Three
Bl00dsuck1ng Fr34k | Fucked Up
Take Shark Tar | Spinethresher [demo]

Loffciamcore & Commericalwhore | Black Betty Is Splitter Bitch
Dave! | Chocolate Biscuit Rape Factory
Heskin Radiophonic | A Whisper Is Never Enough
With Prison Cell Was Embraced & Bogutsky | Don’t Leave Me Alone

Stratosonics | Attack, Monster Kabuki, Attack! (covered by Katarrhaktes)
0xBBninja | Ah Look At This Pretty Princess
katarrhaktes | fallen star
Phllox | Wasp Attack
Merlune | Yellowstoned

Synaecide | Venom (feat Emane)
Styli | In Boxes With Toys
Bass Assassin | 8bit Detective

Fear Liath | Haze Over Grey

Podcast / 3

Back for a third mix of crisp beats and phat basses from the archives of Fwonk* netlabel, and choice cuts from around the world of Netlabel, Netaudio and Creative Commons music. This mix flips genres between ambient, afro-beat, 8-bit, breakcore, IDM, hip-hop and more. If you like sound, listen to this!

download: from fwonk*


Wan Bushi | Helmut Lottie & The Russian Dubcore Band | Ringe Raja Records
Barem | Kleine Kloob | Kleine
Juanitos | Soul Africa | Soul Africa

The Maaaigs | Labyrinth | Sociophobe
The Dead Rocks | Sonic Stars | One Million Dollar Surf Band
Katarrhaktes | Startstone Crater | The Xallarap Investigation

Kabukiman | Chicklet | You’re Right, Let’s Bail
Sculptures | Canada Water | Stretch Beat Tape
Kopfklang | Im Filterwunderland III | Im Filterwunderland

Total Cult | Shafted | Boom Bap
2nd Mouse | Fistful Of Beats | Levite
Tiruset | Broadcasting The Message | Siruxect

Entertainment For The Brain Dead | Wastelands | Roadkill
Konntinent | Grasp Of Math | All Lines Lead In
Herzog | Small Loves | Small Loves

Podcast / 2

Heskin Radiophonic brings a second mix from Fwonk*. Displaying some of the best cuts from the netlabel scene, and Fwonk* records in particular, this podcast is a compilation of great tunes in an enormous variety of genres – from ambient, to breakcore, to Balkan folk! Twelve great tracks, with a full tracklisting and links below. You can download the 320kbps MP3 track from Fwonk*, or you can stream it from Mixcloud. Enjoy!

download: from fwonk*


Andrea Scevola | Lateral | Gestalt (part one)
Lactation Sandwich | Type theEND | It Appears As If We’re Here For Your Escape
Turzbot | Aub | Substructure

Errorhythm | 33.2 Bulbs | 1996
Viejos Hombres de Abejon | Obscuratus est Sol et Aer | Viejos Hombres de Abejon
Information Ghetto | Applause Phenomena | Applause Phenomena

Obitel Thelema | Kapli | A
Suhov | Different | Sympathy Modul
Metsu | Imber | As The Earth Drinks

M.A.L.A. | Black Bass | Back In Black
Black Era | Your Own Purple | Third Eye Guerilla
Bubamara Brass Band | Manea Romi | Bubamarija / Kashtanizma