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193 / Various Artists – Whispers

Over twelve months, twelve Fwonk* artists were put to the test in this experimental single-track album based on the popular children’s ‘Telephone Game’. May 6, 2016 3dtorus,ambient,Anny,Bachelor Machines,Cardigan of Wasps,dance,Echosonic,electro,electronic,electronica,experimental,Featured,Heskin Radiophonic,industrial,Katarrhaktes,noise,numen arcana,radjukatarretti,techno,Transitional Landscapes,Various Artists,Vasko The Pig,Viejos Hombres de Abejón listen

190 / Various Artists – The Fwonk Mixtape #18: Last Minute Madness

Once again the denizens of Megacity Fwonk rise up and make a mess of things while Judge Heskin is out bringing the law to the Cursed Earth.

…otherwise known as the boss was away on hols so we got t… April 22, 2016 ambient,Bachelor Machines,compilation,Cuckoo Spit,dance,demo,Dr Nemmo,Echosonic,electronica,Featured,Fwonk*,Iain M. Spillane,industrial,ktfu,Mixtape,Noctuary,noise,Per,Puppet Show,styli,techno,Turtuga Blanku,Various Artists,Vasko The Pig listen

187 / Various Artists – Netklang #1

Celebrating 8 years to the day of our very first release, Netklang #1 brings together some of the very latest Fwonk* artists with some of the old timers. February 8, 2016 ambient,compilation,dance,electronica,industrial,noise,techno,Various Artists listen

171 / V/A: Game of Tones

Welcome to Fwonk*! To celebrate Netlabel Day we bring you the cream of the crop – a sampler of the very best Fwonkage from the last 12 months, and a couple of yet-to-be-released treats. July 14, 2015 compilation,dance,electronic,industrial,techno,Various Artists listen

150 / V/A: FWONK*150

Every milestone is just as important as the last, no mountain is too high to climb. For this, our 150th release on the label, we present to you a new compilation featuring 12 exclusive new songs and m… September 17, 2014 3dtorus,ambient,Antti Tammimaa,Catrin Noise,compilation,creative commons,Cuckoo Spit,Echosonic,electronic,electronica,Featured,Fwonk*,FWONK*150,Heskin Radiophonic,hxw hxw,Katarrhaktes,Music,netaudio,netlabel music,Phirnis,Quiggers,remix,Various Artists,wearenotbroken listen

138 / V/A: Fuck Everything Up

Welcome, welcome to our underground house of horrors, where blob monsters reign supreme and electrically-charged foetuses crawl from their jars. June 11, 2014 3dtorus,Bachelor Machines,Cardigan of Wasps,compilation,Dollhead,Dr Nemmo,Echosonic,Featured,hxw hxw,Katarrhaktes,Per Byhring listen

133 / V/A: Fwonk* Classics

Taking inspiration from hundreds of years of classical music, a select cadre of Fwonk* alumni offer their interpretations and versions of the genre. May 2, 2014 classical,Echosonic,Eivind Fivelsdal,electronic,Featured,Fudgedubnofunk,Heskin Radiophonic,hxw hxw,Katarrhaktes,Nemmo,orchestral,Per Byhring listen

129 / V/A: A Tribute to Kurt Cobain

In the 20 years since Cobain’s passing he has inspired generations of artists across many genres.This compilation features music that covers everything from industrial electronica, to algorave to am… April 7, 2014 3dtorus,Anny FM,compilation,Featured,Glitchfield Plains,Heskin Radiophonic,Katarrhaktes,ktfu,Kurt Cobain,Various Artists,Vasko The Pig listen

114 / V/A: Let Steeple Bells Be Swungen

Ho ho ho and a keg of mulled wine! Fwonk* rounds off 2013 with a candy-soaked compilation LP of icy beats and frosty ambience. Best enjoyed with a crate of dodgy liqueur and several dozen mince pies. December 19, 2013 Bachelor Machines,Christmas,compilation,Cuckoo Spit,Eivind Fivelsdal,Gross Prophet,Heskin Radiophonic,Katarrhaktes,Nemmo,Per Byhring,Phirnis listen

111 / V/A: The Legendary Swimsuit Issue

When at the beach on a glorious Summer’s day, the lovely lads and ladies at the fantastic Fwonk* studios promise they will never wear those sweaty speedos you most earnestly wish you hadn’t bought the… October 1, 2013 Clint C Jones,compilation,Cuckoo Spit,Dollhead,Echosonic,Eivind Fivelsdal,Fudgedubnofunk,Gross Prophet,hxw hxw,Katarrhaktes,Phirnis,Quiggers,senken,Stratosonics,Vasko The Pig listen

104 / V/A: Fwonk* Side of the Moon

This LP faithfully follows the original structure, but each track is warped by a different artist or group of artists. This encompasses ambient electronica, chip-tune, shoegaze, metal and idm versions… March 25, 2013 compilation,dark side of the moon,Echosonic,Fwonk*,Gross Prophet,Heskin Radiophonic,Iain M. Spillane,Katarrhaktes,ktfu,Limb-Bow,Nemmo,Per Byhring,Various Artists,Viejos Hombres de Abejón listen

100.1 / V/A: FWONK*100

Welcome to FWONK*100 – our hundredth release on the good ship Fwonk*!As we settle down, to read our congratulatory letter from HRH The Queen, we give – as the first salvo in a five-album salute – th… October 15, 2012 ambient,compilation,creative commons,Echosonic,electronic,electronica,Featured,Fudgedubnofunk,Fwonk*,FWONK*100,Gross Prophet,Heskin Radiophonic,Imploded View,Katarrhaktes,Music,netaudio,netlabel music,Organic Shift Man,Stratosonics,styli,Various Artists,Vasko The Pig,wearenotbroken listen