We dedicate this to Robert ‘Quiggers’ Quigley.You were our brother and our friend.You were taken from us far, far too soon.

So here it is. FW200. The final release from the Fwonk* netlabel. We have been releasing music for over 9 years now. This is our legacy, our swan song, our send off.A lot has changed in those 9 years. Both personally, and the entire culture of the internet. Personally, we struggle to find the time to administer and promote the website with the attention it deserves. The culture of the web has changed in that time too – when we started, MySpace ruled the social network roost.Free netlabels now seem to be a vanishing breed. Thankfully, there are many more incredible micro-labels offering very high-quality music at reasonable prices. These labels can be found all over Twitter and Bandcamp, so please go and find some and enjoy their music.All of the Fwonk* regulars will continue to create dynamic and unique music and may be found lurking in Facebook groups and more.We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of the Fwonk* family over the years – without you, there would literally have been nothing. And thank you to all the listeners, downloaders, podcasts and radio shows that have enjoyed our music over the years.I’d like to thank Katarrhaktes for all his hard work over the years – we would never have made it to 100 releases without his drive, energy and commitment.Thank you.

FW200.1 | F252

Trium CirculorumLaden with atmosphere and drama, this album is wrung from Trium Circulorum’s Eurorack modular rack with seemingly effortless ease.It is dark, moody and with a palpable tension. The beats are loud and large, the melodies crouched in the background, waiting for their moment to pounce.


FW200.2 | every day feels like suicide

ktfuktfu dropped their usual meticulous studio practice for this second EP. This is rough and ready, raw industrial metal and rock. Originally conceived as three-track EP this grew, evolved and mutated in laboratory conditions into the muscled monster before you.


FW200.3 | Carnivore

Cardigan of WaspsCardigan of Wasps’ neurotic love affair with derangement comes to a close with the delirious industrial maelstrom that is Carnivore.This EP features six creative remixes of the title track, passionately dissected before being thoroughly torn apart for your amusement by each member of the band.


FW200.4 | The Spirit of ’77

Various Artists40 years since the UK summer of punk, we invited our Fwonk* artists to stick a drawing pin through their nose. This album is all about the spirit of punk, rather than the genre. This is rough and ready, short and sharp, quick and nasty. These tracks are forged in the energy of the moment.


FW200.5 | Oddment Dub

Heskin RadiophonicThe founder of Fwonk* bows out with a trio of techno infused electronic dub. The bass is low, the beats are slow. Dial the intensity back several notches and flow with the music.


FW200.6 | 2008-2017

Various ArtistsSo here is the final release from Fwonk* – an enormous 30 track EP spanning the history of the netlabel, from the beginning to the end.It is not just a retrospective, we point to the future with some brand new tracks from regular artists that are exclusive to this compilation.