Albums & EPs




199 / tOtALcULt – Beats From The Black Lodge

I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange. December 19, 2016 boombap,hip-hop,instrumental hip-hop,samples,total cult listen

198 / Viejos Hombres de Abejón – The Library of Noise

This isthe rally of the drums in the revolution, it’s the rave of the apocalypse. In short, it sounds like the sky is being torn apart. November 25, 2016 ambient,Echosonic,electronic,Heskin Radiophonic,noise,techno,Vasko The Pig,Viejos Hombres de Abejón listen

197 / ktfu – no death

ktfu – or kill the fucking urge if you’re not into the whole brevity thing – lands with his debut album, which merges industrial music, synth pop cyber metal and more into a cohesive whole. October 21, 2016 industrial,ktfu,Metal,rock,synthpop listen

196 / Heskin Radiophonic – Madrigals

Acoustic and folk instruments (or at least samples of them) weave and intertwine simple melodies and harmonies, delays build, and cavernous echoes rebound. September 30, 2016 ambient,electronic,folktronica,Heskin Radiophonic listen

195 / Puppet Show – Bright Evening Haze

A fourth EP from Puppet Show following a spurt of sudden and successful music making. The EP contains 5 Lo-fi electronic music tracks blended with up-front EDM beats and looped robotic melodies. June 24, 2016 beats,dance,electronica,idm,Puppet Show,techno listen

194 / Bachelor Machines – Breathe With The Machine

This is a 68 minute album of sheer ambient bliss, with beautifully constructed and layered pads, drone and effected acoustic passages. June 10, 2016 acoustic,ambient,Bachelor Machines,drone,electronica,soundscape listen

193 / Various Artists – Whispers

Over twelve months, twelve Fwonk* artists were put to the test in this experimental single-track album based on the popular children’s ‘Telephone Game’. May 6, 2016 3dtorus,ambient,Anny,Bachelor Machines,Cardigan of Wasps,dance,Echosonic,electro,electronic,electronica,experimental,Featured,Heskin Radiophonic,industrial,Katarrhaktes,noise,numen arcana,radjukatarretti,techno,Transitional Landscapes,Various Artists,Vasko The Pig,Viejos Hombres de Abejón listen

192 / hxw hxw – the artist

hxw hxw paints landscapes depicting the tortured spectrum of a broken mind, from aggression to indifference to loneliness to anxiety, entirely created using manipulated samples from anime. April 29, 2016 ambient,anime,cc music,dark ambient,drone,electronic,experimental,film,hxw hxw,industrial,loop,musique concrete,netlabel,noise,noise ambient,Sample,soundscape listen

191 / dafra19 – Lesson #1

Mixing elements of glitch-hop, electropop, EDM and vaporwave, Lesson #1 from collaborative duo dafra19 is above all enormous fun. April 22, 2016 beats,electro,electronica,glitch,glitch hop,hip-hop,house,techno listen

190 / Various Artists – The Fwonk Mixtape #18: Last Minute Madness

Once again the denizens of Megacity Fwonk rise up and make a mess of things while Judge Heskin is out bringing the law to the Cursed Earth.

…otherwise known as the boss was away on hols so we got t… April 22, 2016 ambient,Bachelor Machines,compilation,Cuckoo Spit,dance,demo,Dr Nemmo,Echosonic,electronica,Featured,Fwonk*,Iain M. Spillane,industrial,ktfu,Mixtape,Noctuary,noise,Per,Puppet Show,styli,techno,Turtuga Blanku,Various Artists,Vasko The Pig listen

189 / Andrulian – The Girl With The Long Flowing Hair

Andrulian has created something special with The Girl With The Long Flowing Hair. All sound elements were initially forged using the Virtual ANS software synthesiser that analyses images into microton… March 31, 2016 ambient,avant-garde,drone,experimental,glitch,musique concrete,sonogram listen

188 / Trium Circulorum – For The Sad, The Mad and The Lonely

Startlingly sparse, primal and beautiful, these tracks weave gentle melodies with minimal beats in a blend of contemporary techno and classic kosmische. March 18, 2016 electro,electronica,kosmische,minimal,psychedelic,techno listen