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196 / Heskin Radiophonic – Madrigals

Acoustic and folk instruments (or at least samples of them) weave and intertwine simple melodies and harmonies, delays build, and cavernous echoes rebound. September 30, 2016 ambient,electronic,folktronica,Heskin Radiophonic listen

186 / Phirnis – 2 Remixes by Phirnis

Phirnis gives us his first solo release in 2 years. While many of his previous offerings were all about noise as ambient drone, this one is about noise as a process. February 4, 2016 ambient,cc music,electronic,electronica,experimental,glitch,netlabel,noise,Phirnis listen

185 / Optms – Cherry

How do you like your instrumental hip-hop? Woozy, wonky and off-kilter? Phatter than your momma? Then you’re going to love Cherry by Optms. February 1, 2016 beats,Dollhead,electronic,electronica,Heskin Radiophonic,hip-hop,Instrumental,Katarrhaktes,Optms listen

181 / Cuckoo Spit: Sweet Tooth

Dreamy, saccharine vocals clash with socially acerbic lyrics in this misanthropic single written especially for the Holiday Season. December 24, 2015 a cappella,cc music,Christmas,Cuckoo Spit,dreampop,electroacoustic,electronic,experimental,Featured,glitch,glitchcore,holiday,Katarrhaktes,netlabel,noisecore,noisedream,pop,popcore,vocal,xmas listen

180 / Phirnis/Katarrhaktes – A Cage

Presenting two previously unreleased tracks taken from the Sleepers/Apnoea sessions, in which a musical motif is torn in two directions. December 16, 2015 ambient,dark ambient,drone,electronic,experimental,Featured,glitch,industrial,Katarrhaktes,loop,noise,Phirnis listen

172 / EXOBATCH – 24

EXOBATCH brings his trademark distortion and grind to the dancefloor, with 24. A classic groovy tune featuring analog synths, pounding drums and ghostly vocals. Remix duties are by Heskin Radiophonic. August 14, 2015 EDM,EXOBATCH,glitch,Heskin Radiophonic,idm,industrial,techno listen

166 / high dart – Money

high dart comes up with some electrodynamic cheeso-psychotic wave pop.

money is the entrance gate to the doped up with valium LP called 809. May 1, 2015 Berlin,electronic,electronica,electropop,experimental pop,Featured,high dart,pop,valium pop listen

155 / Heskin Radiophonic – The Dawn of Redeeming Grace

Heskin Radiophonic radiantly beams in two variations on a classic Christmas carol, for your festive enjoyment. One is loud. One isn’t. December 15, 2014 ambient,Christmas,electronic,Heskin Radiophonic,industrial listen

154 / echosonic – droplets

After some time contributing to the Fwonk* compilations and being one half of Venona Pers, echosonic has stirred from his torpor to create a winter-inspired single-track EP December 12, 2014 ambient,drone,Echosonic,electronic,granular synthesis listen

153 / Cuckoo Spit: Daisy Chain

What’s Christmas without a Christmas single? Cuckoo Spit and Katarrhaktes bring you a frosty, tongue-in-cheek ditty based on a seasonal classic along with a bonus remix. Why is Sister Susie sitting on… December 8, 2014 8-bit,a cappella,bitcore,bitcrush,Cuckoo Spit,electronic,experimental,Featured,glitch,glitchcore,Katarrhaktes,pop,vocal listen

146 / Yan: Super Pig

Yan arrives at the Fwonk table with a pair of huge big dance tracks: Super Pig is a noisey hard trance track with humongous long build ups and a duck‘n‘pump drop. July 16, 2014 dance,electro,electronica,Featured,Hard Trance,techno,Yan listen

145 / Lie Craze: GAS/GAD (feat. bumbovsky)

Berlin based electropop artist Lie Craze released her debut album ‘Never Played With The Cool Kids’ in 2009. This summer her second album is going to be put out eventually with the first single ‘GAS/G… July 15, 2014 dance,electronica,electropop,Featured,industrial,Katarrhaktes,Lie Craze listen