129 / V/A: A Tribute to Kurt Cobain

In March we set a Cauldron challenge to our roster of artists, and the public to commemorate the legacy of Kurt Cobain. In the 20 years since Cobain’s passing he has inspired generations of artists across many genres. This compilation features music that covers everything from industrial electronica, to algorave to ambient drones.

In setting the challenge, we stipulated this could have been anything from a Nirvana cover to a song inspired by his lyrics. The track should have been the length of a rock song (between 2 and 6 minutes) and had to include vocals. This tribute is the result of that experiment.

For more information on The Cauldron project, click here.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

125 / Catrin Noise: Remember

Catrin Noise is a singer-songwriter from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She collaborates closely with Plavi Podrum on writing and producing the songs. Remember is a socially engaged song, originated in the harsh reality of an impoverished country (Bosnia) and its uncertain future. It’s a search for hope, rebellion, action, that often ends with a return to oneself. The refuge is found in the personal life. The song is written by Catrin and produced by Plavi Podrum. The remix is produced by 3dtorus.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

124 / 3dtorus: one source ep

This debut EP from 3dtorus buzzes with classic analogue synthesis and acid squelches, but takes them in a very different direction. This is deep psychedelic kosmische music, the tunes evolve, diverge and reproduce, sucking the listener in. The music puts you right on the dancefloor, fully submerged in your own isolation tank.

download: bandcamp | archive.org