049 / themuru: re syvrtso seudoteol

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In other words, welcome to the world of themuru – 8 outstanding soundscapes riven with a haunting ambience.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

039 / Viejos Hombres de Abejón: Vol. 1

Viejos Hombres de Abejón are a collective of drone musicians, whose line-up on this release includes Heskin Radiophonic, Echosonic, and Vasko the Pig. Drawn from their collective experience, this release describes the experience of three liftimes lived, yet lived with an eye on the future.

Using some new fangled doohickeys to manipulate 1s and 0s, granular clouds of noise and melody invite the listener back to the bucolic times of the band’s youth. The album’s six tracks are designed equally to calm the troubled mind and to scare the sane. So, put on your slippers, pop a Werther’s Original in your mouth, relax in your wing-back chair, stoke your briar and enjoy some old-time drone.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

034 / Heskin Radiophonic: 雪月花時最憶君

The music comprises three drones, meant to be played loudly. The drones are largely made from guitar sounds run through a multitude of effects. The title and theme for the whole piece is from the Chinese Poet Bai Juyi.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

025 / Heskin Radiophonic: Wait For No Man

Wait For No Man is inspired by the sensation of standing on a beach, watching the waves crashing and breaking mere feet away and the combination of strength, beauty, destructive power and the slow passage of time. It captures these sensations through a series of drone based tracks, featuring subtle melodic patterns, delicate guitar work and glitchy percussion.

download: bandcamp | archive.org

023 / Echosonic: Gauze

More laptop experimentation from echosonic, this mini album includes material from a number of sessions pieced together into a series of tracks incorporating drifting washes of noise and haunting melodies. With trademark ambient drone tracks and glitch-inspired electronica, Gauze blurs the boundaries between these diverse fragments of sound. These are themselves twisted into a maelstrom of murmurs, scratchy microrhythms and time and pitch-stretched harmonics sent spiraling around the listener’s head.

download: archive.org